Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Abortion and Down syndrome...

... its a word I truly hate!
ALL life is precious and worthy, no matter what race, age or disabilitie...

I have heard alot about how abortion is wrong, it is a sin, blah blah blah, latly.
I am not writing this post to offend anyone, I am just stating my beleifs like everyone elce :)

So, everyone wants what is best for their child, right?
I do not judge people for aborting their child with Down syndrome.
To be totally honest, if we knew Oscar was going to have it his parents probebly would have too...
I am not saying its what I want BUT I am so sick of seeing posts about how horrible someone is for 'murdering' their child.

Its not like that.... people are so totally clueless about the joys a child with Down syndrome bring!
I have met SO many parents, siblings, relatives of people with Down syndrome and I'm pretty sure most of them would say they were scared! At first, it seems like maybe it would be best for the child to be in heaven... is that such a selfish decision? REALLY?

I dont wish that abortions didn't exisit because everyone has a right to make their own decisions without being judged...
What I do wish is that we lived in a world where people knew the truth! That people knew their child still had the chance to an amazing life! Instead of thinking that they would be better of dying. I wish that the first thing doctors said was "Congratulations" not "Sorry".... I wish doctors told all the possitives instead of the negatives... I wish they encouraged the person to keep the child and offering support systems instead of encouraging an abortion.

Don't get me wrong, I am totally pro life! BUT I do think it is time people stopped judging people who do get abortions, because to be honest, I understand why. I don't agree with it, but yes, I understand!

So instead of posting about how abortion is murder and all that, why don't you post the TRUTH about Down syndrome? Maybe then, people wont feel the need to get an abortion :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011


In life, we fail.
Its plain and simple.
There are just some things we can not do.

This fail isn't just a little thing I can let go...
I can't work without thinking about him,
I can't party without thinking about him,
I can't breathe without thinking about him!
Preston is constantly on my mind!

I am not angry we can't adopt him... I understand why... My heart is just broken and scared!

What if he never finds a family?
What if something happens?
Will I ever be able to forgive myself?

I'm not going to give up on Preston!!!
Thats my little brother... he always will be!
Please, God, please, make this OK!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wanna end Down syndrome?

Click the link below to read the artical about 'ending Down syndrome'...

To say it makes me sick is an understatment!!!

So, the screening tests are more safe? Therefore more people will abort their child if they know it has Down syndrome? Therefore soon enough there will be no people with DS living in our world?

To me, I don't see how anyone can see this as being OK!

Let me tell you why....
Because life without him is unimaginable.
Because life with him is so much more perfect.
Because he has taught me so so so much.
Because we are all different in ways, why does it matter that he has an extra chromosome?

We all want what is best for the ones we love, there is no dout about that... But KILLING! MURDERING! them because they are different, I still dont see how someone can think that is write, can you?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Crazy, Beautiful Life!

Life is crazy.
it is wonderful.
it is scary.
it is hard.
it is perfect.
it is broken.
it is great.
it is magical.
it is thrilling.
it is so much more then I could ever discribe.

At the moment my life is summed up into one word.... crazy.

After Max's adoption fell through and we decided to discontinue Preston's adoption things have gotten alot harder. My heart is broken, and I wonder if I will ever think of our boys and find peace again.

Oscar is doing really good. I don't see him as often as I would like too, but the moments we do spend together are so precious. I couldn't have asked to be blessed with someone more perfect then him, he completes me!

School was hectic... but now, exams are over and I only have to go a few days a week, if I feel like it ;)

The friends.... they are amazing! They pull me through everything! I seriously couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to surrond myself with :)

Billy, Zac and Annie are good, but feral as always ;) The boys just had their birthdays and they are all ready to get more presents at christmas hahaha

My heart, is broken but whole. I have my moment of weakness, and my moments of strength. But, the peace that I do have, comes from knowing God is holding my heart and He loves me so much!

This have been so busy here...
Some highlights?

The best friends 16th...
We had the morning off school and snuck out into the back-back where we go camping and dug up our time capsule only to find water got into it and ruined everything! :/ hahahah
It was an amazingly fun day!

Getting dressed up with my favorite girls, going out and asking for lollies and continually saying "I wish we were in America for halloween!!", going to an abandoned house and trying to do the ouaji board but failing, being egged by random guys stalking us.... yep, all that fun stuff!

The buddy walk....
Such an amazing day! Oscar didn't come, but my sweet friend Robyn took me, and I finally got to meet her precious Amarli! They are beautiful!!!

A day out in sydney...
Well, we were meant to go Jet Boating but the place didn't tell us we needed an adult, and we didnt take one! So we got the ferry over to Manly and spent the day there! It was so fun :)

And there are so many things to look forward too!
*Jambaroo with my girls
*Luna park with my girls
*Formal next week!
*Pedi and Menas for the formal!
*Group christmas party
and so much more!

So, although my heart is broken, there is so much good to be seen! :)

Oh, and have I mentioned in one year, one month and 4 days Ill be flying into LAX?! YEP! Here are just a few faces I plan on seeing ;)

And another precious face I hope to be seeing but need your help!

Please donate just a little to bring her home to her amazing family! They have missed out on so much of her life, don't let it be more!

Have a forever blessed weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finding words...

I can not find the right words to tell you this.
I can not tell you how much it hurts me to tell you this.
With every person I tell, it becomes more real.
I want to wake up from this dream.....
The only thing reminding me this is real is the pain in my chest.
My body is aching.
My heart is in pieces.
I do not want to do this.
I have never felt this empty,
and lost
and broken.
Max's parents went and got him...
Not Debbie and Paul... his biological parents.
Meaning, we can not adopt him!
I have never heard so much devastation in a voice as I did when I rang mom.
When she told me we couldn't get him.
And what makes me angry is that I can't even hold her and tell her its ok!
A year of trying to bring him home... and we were so close! :'(
I am happy he has a family to love him right now, but I was so sure God intended it to be us.
It is like losing a child
.... a brother.
MY baby brother!
I am numb at times.
It seem so unreal,
But then it sets in.
I am never going to hold him,
or love him.
Its not fair.
Its not fair I can't hold Debbie.
Its not fair I'm not there.
Its not fair they took him away from us.
But, we are trusting in God as much as we can.
I am NOT judging his parents,
and I am praying they love him as much as we do.
We are grieving. We just lost our baby boy.
Please pray for Max...
that he is being loved and adored,
like he deserves.
Pray for our family...
we are so lost,
so empty.
Thank you all for your love and support,
it means so much to us.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Influences and Role Modles

Before I begin, please know that I am not writing this post to offend anyone, but I do believe I have the right to voice my opinion like everyone else :)
The power of being an influence on someone is a big responsibility. The way you chose to act can influence the way others act. You are their role model, and their actions reflect yours.
I have had people, older and younger, look up to me. Often, its not so much my actions that they admire, but my heart. They are smart enough to pick out my strengths and let that part of me influence them, not my flaws.
We ALL have flaws and weakness'. That is what makes us human. None of us are perfect, or close to it.
In relation to me; I know people on my facebook page admire the way I help orphans. This pride allows them to adopt my habits. Well, some of them. They see that I help orphans and they like it. They admire it. And they follow it.
So what when they see that I have gone out that weekend and had a few drinks?
They admire me, right? Does that mean they are going to adopt ALL my habits?
Yes, I have flaws. Yes, they see that. No, they don't follow that.
By admire me, they admire my strengths, not my weakness.
So, going from a teenage girl who has the power to influence a few, to a superstar who has the power to influences millions....
You all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Katy Perry.
And yes, I admire her very very much.
Does that make ME a bad person?
Does that make HER a bad person?
"You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow"
Now, that is a positive thing, right? I don't see how AT ALL that can be taken in a negative way.
So, we admire a strength. Its there, in an entire song! Encouraging people to stand up for what they believe in. It is influential. It is powerful. It is amazing.
Yet, read this...
(Since its release on October 28, 2010, the official “Firework” music video has had nearly 220 million hits on YouTube. The lyrics certainly sound inspirational – “You don’t have to feel like a waste of space. You’re an original, cannot be replaced.” Yet when one views the video, amidst all the other story lines you will see a young man off by himself in the club…only to have his “firework” burst out of him – giving him courage to walk across the room and kiss another guy. The message being conveyed here is that it’s okay to express yourself – even when those expressions are morally wrong. Is that really the ‘inspiration’ today’s teenagers need?)
Well, YES! It is the inspiration we need! We NEED to know it's ok to express how we feel. And morally wrong... to you yes, but clearly not to that person! WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT BELIEFS! That doesn't mean you should be going telling someone that they are doing the wrong thing. I'm not going to get into the whole gay marriage thing. This is not about that. Its about influences. Its about these lyrics. Yes they influence. Yes, they may be morally wrong to you, but not to the people Katy Perry is aiming this song at.
So, how about when we switch the song?
"I kissed a girl and I liked it"
Well, it may be morally wrong to you, but to others its a bit of fun.
I'm sorry, but its the truth.
Katy Perry talks about going out and getting drunk every Friday night.
Morally wrong again? That is to YOU!
We CAN pick and choose what parts of people we want to be influenced by.
We can choose if we actually want to follow the message they are implying in the song, or weather we just actually like the song.
My advice?
Always live up to YOUR morals. NOT someone Else's.
Choose what you admire about them and set your own standards.
Live your life to please yourself. Not your best friend. Or your idol.
Having the power to influence is a great responsibility, but we can not spend our lives worrying if we are going to influence people in the wrong way.
Live to your standard, follow your heart and dreams.
Read this post and take away what you found to be the postive parts. If you didn't find it postive in any way then look at it as a waste of time, I really don't care.
Just know, that what people are influenced by is in their hands, not yours, so don't live your life for them!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011